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Active Strategies

We offer several active investment strategies designed to grow capital and offer protection under adverse market conditions. Our active strategies seek to outperform their benchmarks on a risk-adjusted basis.

Core Equity

Guardian’s Core Equity Strategy invests in the stocks of large, multinational companies that use shareholder capital in a disciplined way, have strong financial strength, attractive valuations, an above market dividend yield and good prospects for increasing dividends. The strategy selects 25-35 stocks from the 2,000 largest companies traded on domestic exchanges. The Core Equity Strategy is usually coupled with high quality bonds to form the Balanced Strategy.  Learn More


Guardian's Balanced Strategy invests in the stocks of large, multinational companies as well as high credit quality bonds. Stocks from the Core Equity Strategy are coupled with a bond allocation that consists of high quality government, municipal and corporate bonds. Portfolios typically consist of 60-70% allocation to stocks, but will vary depending on market conditions.  Learn More

Covered Call

Guardian’s Covered Call Strategy is a conservative option strategy used to generate additional income from an all-stock portfolio of our Core Equity Strategy. A covered call strategy involves an investor holding a long position in a publicly traded stock who then writes (sells) call options on the stock. The covered call strategy works best in retirement accounts.  Learn More

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